Three Indo-chill out CDs featuring Suvarna’s Indian influenced voice and violin with Ravi’s production and electric kora. (As featured on Claude Challe’s Bhudda Bar)

Indian raga music can be compared to American Rhythm & Blues. There is classic R&B, and every imaginable hybrid reinterpreted around the world but you still know it when you hear it. Ragas have long been embraced by peace-niks and counter-culture folks including a jump in popularity from the Beatle’s interactions with sitarist Ravi Shankar. Suvarna’s raga-based vocals sweep and soar organically over a base of instruments including the violin, kora, tabla, keyboards, synthesizer, guitars, mandolin, flute, oud, saz and a variety of percussion instruments. The dramatic ragas are reinterpreted for western ears yet still bless the origins and even add a new dimension with the electronica treatment adding rather than distracting from the full depth of the music. You can feel waves of comfort as a foreign storyboard is presented and lulls you to relaxed compliance. Useful for meditation and chilling on all levels — Suvarna is a chill princess!