TWO RIVERS will be performing at the Chalice Well Gardens, Glastonbury, Somerset  on 4th May 2015

Some Quotes about TWO RIVERS

“Telepathically-inspired sonic odes full of mystery and mastery between kora and flute that transport the listener to a celestial place where the imagination runs free and the heart knows no limits.”
Nigel Williamson, The Times

“This is inspired music-making – two artists in the full flow of their creative freedom, playing music from deep in their hearts – very, very beautiful.”
Matthew Barley, classical cellist

So, so beautiful – I’m a cynical sod but this touched me deeply. It fluidly weaves opposites with a light touch – ecstatic and sombre, buoyant and with great depth, it flows and possesses intense stillness.
It is a remarkable collection of soulful music.”
Frazer Reid


the TWO RIVERS album is available to download via this link

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Adrian Freedman and Ravi are both master practitioners of Music of the Spirit. Ravi plays the 21-string African kora harp, and Adrian the ancient Japanese shakuhachi flute. They both have been immersed in shamanic rituals of the Brazilian and Peruvian Amazon. Their music touches upon a broad range of styles and influences to create a fresh and exquisite sound. A transcendental journey of musical meditation.

Their album “Two Rivers” took  18 months to complete, devising new pieces live in the studio. The eight tracks on this album feature the kora and shakuhachi as well as Arabian frame drums, slide guitar, Celtic flute, overtone singing and other instruments.

Adrian Freedman was classically trained and has worked as a composer and musical director for theatre and dance companies such as Kneehigh Theatre, Wildworks Theatre, Northern Stage and Scottish Contemporary Dance. He spent seven years studying the shakuhachi in Kyoto, the ancient capital of Japan. He is also leader of the Eternal Heart Centre, a community of spiritual seekers embracing sacred rituals from Yogic, Buddhist and Shamanic traditions.

Ravi plays kora, guitar and percussion, as well as being an accomplished overtone singer. He was one of the first Westerm musicians to develop new music for the kora, and he has collaborated with musicians from many genres including the classical violinist Nigel Kennedy, the Sengalese singer Baba Maal, blues legend Dr. John, and Deva Premal & Miten. He also created the Neuneneu project with Marlui Miranda , which brought Amazonian Indians to Europe.

All of the tracks on “Two Rivers” were recorded live in the studio as acoustic duets, featuring a variety of musical instrument combinations. Ravi and Adrian share a musical vision of exquisitely crafted sound, giving space to the unique and subtle characteristics of each instrument and seeking a balance between the free play of inspired improvisation and the careful considerations of more consciously composed and arranged musical passages.

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