The power and beauty experienced by those listening to overtone singing and harmonic music derives from the music’s pure, natural and mathematical foundation.The harmonic series note relationships are found in nature, in the human voice and, strangely, in subatomic particles. Any fundamental note, from any instrument, creates an ascending series of notes (overtones). The arrangement of these allows for infinite harmonic relationships and frees us from the restrictions of modern tuning. The Overtone Choir have been creating music as though from a parallel musical universe using overtone voice, gongs, bowls and percussion for the past fifteen years. The natural harmonics re-pattern our way of listening and free the mind, inviting us to journey within, beyond thought and emotion to the deepest of musical spaces. It is for this reason that overtones are naturally associated with meditation, healing and ceremony.

Anyone can learn to sing overtones and it is one of the most powerful skills for mastering our own energies and affecting the energy of our environment.

In this two day workshop we shall find our natural sound, breathing from the diaphragm, creating the mouth shapes for overtone singing, expanded listening and finally, hearing our own overtones clearly. We shall also sing together as an overtone choir and explore the self healing and healing effects of harmonics.

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Overtone Singing

Overtone Singing has many benefits. As well as being cosmic and universal music, it is also a new approach to the harmonics of sound and helps to bring listening awareness to the singer as well as a state of calm and clarity, plus a sense of peace and relaxation. This form of chanting on one note where the harmonics are selectively made more audable is possible by changing the shape of the resonant cavities of the mouth, larynx and pharynx. These notes are always present in any note, but while they colour the note and give it its quality they are usually inaudible

Recommended listening: “Spirals” by The Overtone Choir (as featured in the film and the soundtrack CD Touching the Void and on the BBC radio three Late Junction compilation (available via the CD page ); “Sound and Light” by The Overtone Choir (as used in the award winning film “Three Miles North of Molkum”)

both CDs available via the CD page:



Workshops: Exploring and transforming with the healing power of sound. The voice workshops real magic takes place with the exploration of overtone singing, which is the main focus. This makes audible the natural spectrum of the voice so that flute-like harmonics are heard rising above the single note. It is a celestial sound, ethereal and haunting. Participants are shown how one can make such sounds and by the end of the workshop participants are generally relaxed, euphoric and calm.

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