It was 20 years ago today” (or thereabouts) when Ravi recorded a second album with one of the world’s leading players of the Indian santoor, Tarun Bhattacharya and a whole host of wonderful musicians (such as Danny Thompson and Hossam Ramzy) for ARC Music, who have now re released “The Afro-Indian Project” . The album which was highly praised at the time, was co-produced by legendary record producer, John Leckie who has worked with legends such as Stone Roses & Radiohead

Some reviews of “THE AFRO-INDIAN PROJECT” by major publications:

Produced by John Leckie with some outstanding playing; an accessible and entertaining instrumental fusion recording. fRoots

Kora player Ravi produces an easily appreciated sound from the mixture of instruments. He plays here together with, amongst others, leading Santoor player Tarun Bhattacharya against a background of double bass and tablas from both India and Egypt. You can clearly hear that the African Kora blends beautifully with the traditional Indian instruments and the results are melodic and harmonious. DJEMBE MAGAZINE

Ravi has pulled off a seriously good world-music album. Well recorded and arranged, the precise yet atmospheric kora playing sits delightfully in a rich Indian background, making one the most interesting world music projects of recent times INSIGHT MAGAZINE