“Ravi is a rare talent – a musical shaman who knows no fear. He has been an inspiration to us over the years as he continues to cross borders and boundaries in his quest for musical expression and freedom”


Multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, composer and one of the longest established Western players of the kora (West African harp), Ravi’s music is the result of a lifetime exploring the edge, through world music, devotional singing, indigenous cultures, throat singing and a journey that has taken him from India to the Amazon.

As well as over 20 CDs, international performances and workshops plus the invention of the electric/stereo kora, Ravi has also worked with artists such as Nigel Kennedy, Jon Lord, Phil Manzanera, Baaba Maal, Dr John, Tarun Bhattacharya, Ronu Majumdar and Marlui Miranda.

The most recent albums are “Songs for the Golden Age”, a collection of love and consciousness songs and “Two Rivers” a series of live-in-the-studio duets with master flautist Adrian Freedman

“We Are” from the album “Songs for the Golden Age”: Click here to watch video >

Live projects include:

Forest Television :

4/5 piece band playing dance orientated world/jazz – View YouTube Video

Heart Songs and Sacred Chants

Ravi guides us on a journey of musical transcendence; an evening of devotional singing with songs & chants from around the world, plus sound journey and gong bath


Duet with the shakuhachi maestro and multi-instrumentalist ADRIAN FREEDMAN (www.adrianfreedman.com)

“Telepathically-inspired sonic odes full of mystery and mastery between kora and flute that transport the listener to a celestial place where the imagination runs free and the heart knows no limits.” Nigel Williamson, The Times

About Two Rivers >


Duet with fellow pioneer of overtone singing in UK, PAUL TERRELL (www.inversiontherapy.net) Their atmospheric multi-layered overtone singing from albums such as “Spirals” has been used in award winning films such as “Touching the Void”.

Omer and Ravi

Omer and Ravi :   Omer Makessa is a master percussionist and singer/songwriter from Martinique and sings in three languages, reflecting the fusion of cultures in the Caribbean.


VIEW THE FIVE MIN VIDEO : https://youtu.be/v-TtrIbaukc


SPIRIT FEST will be in it’s forth year in 2018 please visit the website to find out more about this very special and new transformational festival & conscious community gathering – www.spiritfestuk.org

For bookings, please contact info@koratone.com


Some Quotes:

“Ravi delighted with his multi-ethnic aural tapestries.” The Scotsman

“The best kora-meets-Brazilian collaboration you’ll ever hear.” Songlines 

“A collection of varied and brilliant tunes.” fRoots 

“A listening delight.” ROCK ‘N’ REEL

“An equally atmospheric, gentle and spellbinding blend.”  fRoots 

“A seamless interweaving of African texture within a dynamic Brazilian milieu.” Bootbox

“Should be of great interest to those of you with a liking for new timbres. Highly recommended.” Classical Guitar Magazine

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti

May All Beings Know Peace