Kora So Far


For those of you who miss Oregon, along comes Ravi. Ravi plays kora, hammer dulcimer and a host of other instruments & has a stable of fine musicians backing him up. The music has a graceful flow.   DIRTY LINEN MAGAZINE
Kora So Far by virtuoso RAVI,  is a melodic and atmospheric mix of some of his best music. THE TIMES
Ravi, produces world music. But in this case there realy is no better way to describe it. his main instrument is the kora but he also plays keyboards, hammered dulcimer and much besides. He also has guests to provide tablas and a host of instruments from around the world rarely heard in the mainstream. The music itself is truly eclectic; Unity has a distinct Indian flavour while others go in opposite directions stretching across the globe. But rather than dwelling on each tune and its influences this is simply a collection of varied and brilliant tunes. Despite the diversity, the production and arrangements give the album coherance and a certain commercial sheen which would sit very nicely in Peter Gabriel’s Realworld stable. The tunes are often upbeat and uplifting but have subtleties to keep the music fresh after many listens. “Splendid.”  fRoots MAGAZINE