KORUS features Ravi’s voice, songs and kora, with instrumental backing from Bikram Ghosh (Ravi Shankar’s tabla player), Brendan Power (harmonica)and other leading players of shenhie, santoor, ghatam. Co-production is from the legendary John Leckie.      Nigel Williamson in The Times
“It’s a kind of World music, yet quite distinctive in style; light evocative and interesting.Speedyish percussion often underlies quite soft and dreamy vocals and delightfully rippling kora. Sensitive, atmospheric and a quite exotic quality. Excelent world music with a vibe”  THE INSIGHT MAGAZINE
‘After four years of experimenting, Ravi presents his definitive sound. While its true most kora players are bewitched by the spirits, Ravi holds the spirits high’  FOLK WORLD
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