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raviKoraOnStage01.jpgSinger-songwriter & multi-instrumentalist, RAVI JI (a.k.a JP FREEMAN) has developed a unique style of playing the kora (West African harp) and was one of the first Western players to take this sophisticated instrument into new musical areas. As well as twenty of his own and collaborative recordings including work with Nigel Kennedy, Baaba Maal, Dr John, Ronu Majumdar, Phil Manzanera and many leading traditional musicians, he has also helped to create pioneering projects such as "Neuneneu" with Brazilian legend Marlui Miranda that brought Amazon Indians on a concert tour of Europe, Marlui and Ravi have since performed on various tours as a duet.

raviSingingBlue.jpgOther projects include a duet with the shakuhachi maestro and multi-instrumentalist ADRIAN FREEDMAN (www.adrianfreedman.com) with whom they give concerts of instrumental music, mantras and songs with an large selection of instruments. There is also a duet with well known mantra singer SUDHA (www.sudhasong.com) , performances include mantras SUDHA and RAVI's own inspirational songs. Ravi is also an accomplished throat singer and for many years he has collaborated in THE OVERTONE PROJECT with another pioneer of this style of singing, PAUL TERRELL (www.inversiontherapy.net) some of their extremely atmospheric multi-layered overtone singing has been used in award winning films... RAVI's ONE WORLD SHOW (solo, duo or full band) entertains with songs, chants and instruments from all five continents with the option of audience participation and finally there is the Jazz/fusion band project , KORA COLOURS; the live double album KORA CHRONICLES features leading backing musicians such as Spencer Cozens who plays with Joan Armatrading

"Ravi delighted with his multi-ethnic aural tapestries" The Scotsman

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