Had an interesting resonance with this extremely beautiful latest album from dear friend and soul brother Ravi recently. He sings often about ancestors and I never really identified, as I come from a small family, only knew one grandmother, and know very little of what my ancestors did. So recently my parents came to visit me in Germany, and I took them to the foundry where I am casting my sculptures, and where I spend most of my time these days. As we are wandering through my dad suddenly says, it is so strange you ended up doing casting, this was the family business in my family for generations! He had never mentioned that before!!! I knew his dad, my grandfather, had played for a season for Manchester United, and after getting injured had had a cotton mill, but seemingly his grandfather, and a couple of generations before that, had been casting bronze! I tell you, I got goose bumps when he said it! And I suddenly felt this intimate connection to his forefathers, my ancestors, as I continue their dream…..
So, enjoy this beautiful album; Waves of Love, and We Are, are the tracks that particularly provoked this post – but they are all great. x

Sukhi Barber (sculptor) 

COMMENTS ABOUT “SONGS FOR THE GOLDEN AGE” and from concerts and workshops

divinely beautiful. Sat on the sofa tears streaming down my face- such was the power of the music. This is an incredibly beautiful album .Been playing it on a loop since I bought it AMBER

Brilliant album, many thanks!! ERIKA

Ravi, we finally got your cd, we are loving it. thank you for creating something so beautiful. love.BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!PALOMA

I love it! The production is great, & is supremely musical, the backing singers fit well, and your voice….!!!!! I get goose bumps! You give a direct transmission. These song are already so blessed, and one can feel exactly where they are coming from . Heart-opening.Such a beautiful gift you offer.Thank youSUKHI

I have been given your CD and its so beautiful.. its such a pleasure to listen to it.. and I am, over and over xx giving thanks and love x Nandan

i downloaded golden age and love it, really beautiful, ZANETTA

it really is magnificent Miguel

Loving them all. A fantastic flow of work. The words are so beautiful. Liz


I listen to your cd yesterday, it’s lovely Ravi. Makes me fly Francesca

exquisite and inspirational for our times … been rinsin’ this album since the solstice Delroy

“your CD continues to blow my mind” Samantha

“superbguitar playing…great vibe andoverall an excellent album” MIKE COLLINS (Music TechnologyConsultant/Author)

love it, love it, love it! NATALYA

Just to say a big thank you for yesterday, I felt seriously held in that beautiful energy at the workshop. I really didn’t want to open my eyes after that last meditation. Bridget

You’re voice is spectacular – nothing less…it emits so much emotion, sensitivity,strength, depth, compassion- I LOVE it!!! AMIR PAISS

your voice is shockingly soulfull AISHA

your voice is like a warm blanket, so divine Shakti

Hi Ravi i had the pleasure of seeing you and Sudha perform in London a few months ago and I felt inspired to sing sacred chants and your musicianship was great Michelle

great music for dancing to, thank you for your music SUZY

Hi Ravi ! Just wanted to thank you for your wonderful music & singing. You are a ‘divine minstrel’ (like Narada Muni), operating from another dimension! Hope to see & hear you again soon best wishes, OM TAT SAT, Jaya.

i would like to say thank you so much for the incredible inspiration to play this beautiful instrument I would like to give you a poem to show appreciation

The most delicious sweetness is about me
It yawns it’s mellow easiness
the remembering of true being
ancient as the trees, green as healing plants
silent peace


thank for the amazing experience. It left me speechless. Your singing thencreated a bond between all of us and enchanted theatmosphere with so much happiness and joy. It was all very beautiful.Once again, Thank You and I look forward to your next concert.
With much love , Martina

Lovely concert ; Very moving… Elena

I felt to say thank you for a really magical experience . Bless love Jai

Hi Ravi, I saw you play in Satsang at Osho Leela and as a result have bought a Kora. Thank you, so inspiring! Karen

you’ve created a new cultural form. Was the music beautiful? – almost unbearably so! Please keep me updated on future recitals. Andrew

Ji, your voice makes me melt! it’s really beautiful – gently hypnotic and softly calling, like a siren song. with the reminders repeated to inspire and encourage – this is our birthright, this is our universe. I will use it to remind myself… SUKHI

I got that timeless classic feeling when I heard your voice, live, and then again on one of those recordings . JEREMY

thank you for all the beautiful moments your music has filled my mind with peace Sarah

Your music and words have inspired and deeply moved my spirit, thank you for your heart song Ravi. David