raviKoraOnStage02“A walking testament to the success of multiculturalism” – Songlines

“A virtuoso” – The Times

“A Universal Musician” – Hermeto Pascual

“A child of the world” – Verity Sharp, BBC Late Junction

Brief History:
Ravi has played kora (West African harp) in his unique style since the mid-eighties; developed a stereo/electric/aluminium kora; released over twenty albums; singer/songwriter, guitarist, overtone singer, multi-instrumentalist, composer and workshop leader; live & recording projects include: Neuneneu (Humanity) with the Mehenaku Amazonian Indians and Marlui Miranda, his band: Songs For The Golden Age , The Overtone Choir plus solo performances and duet projects with shakuhachi player Adrian Freedman , mantra singer Sudha and Brazilian legend Marlui Miranda

Perfomances have included:

Festivals: WOMAD, Festival Musicale del Mediterraneo, Sunrise, Off-Grid, Glastonbury Festival, perfatZooEdinburgh International Harp Festival, Shetland, Belfast and Cork Folk Festivals, Glasgow Mayfest, Hull Jazz Festival, Lamer Tree, Cabo Verde Jazz Festival, Westport Art Festival, Festival of World Cultures and the prestigious solo performance series in Curitiba, Brazil

Venues: Purcell Room, Queen Elizabeth Hall, Eden Project, British Library, Dartington Hall, Band on the Wall, Rosin Dubh, Wheelans (Dublin) and various arts centres (Garter Lane, Ucheldre, Bridport, Exeter, Mwldan)

Workshops: voice music workshops (with a focus on overtone singing) and lectures at various institutions and arts centres such as Colorado State University and Northfield College, Minneapolis.

Instruments and Sounds:
Kora, electric/stereo kora, guitar (specialising in open tuning), berimbao, percussion, bells, gongs, singing bowls, ethnic flutes, djembe, congas, bongos, overtone singing (aka throat singing), aeolian harp.

Previous Productions and Commisions:
Over twenty collaborations and solo albums, many of which Ravi engineered & produced, plus TV and film music including the award-winning “Three Miles North of Molkom”, music for “The World’s Greatest Bank Robbery” for production house Tiger Aspect (with Craig Pruess), the BAFTA award-winning “Touching The Void”, the film “From Hackney to the Favella” by Michael Judge and “Love in Action” (documentary about Mother Teresa); the guided meditation CD “Chakra Dance” (for The School of Awakening) & producer of “Golden Voice” by spiritual musical legend Bhagavan Das, which was reviewed as “expertly produced”.

World Fusion Productions (productions, commissions and live recordings).
For enquiries: info@koratone.com

RAVI has worked with:
Folk & World: Baaba Maal (Ravi is the only kora player and also performs overtone singing on the CD “Television”), Pops Mohamed, Jackie McShee, Frankie Armstrong, Wendy Stewart, Steve Gorn, Ty Burhoe, Eric Roche, Harry Manx.

Fusion: Talvin Singh, Pete Lockett, Manu Katche, Pino Palladino.

Classical: Nigel Kennedy, Janet Perry, Mathew Barley

Legends: The Yarbirds, Phil Manzanera, Gary Boyle, Jon Lord, Danny Thompson, Stefan Grapelli, Manu Kache

Psychedelia: Daevid Allen, Arthur Brown.

Cult: Suns of Arqua, Tribal Drift, Loop Guru.

Dance: Sitar Funk, Sasha, BT.

Traditional: Hari Prasad, Ramesh Mishra, Ronu Majumdar, Tarun Bhattacharya (India), Justin Vali, Kilema, Modest Hugues and Paolino Viera (Madagascar), B Net Houriat (Morocco) Sardinia (Cordes et Cannes), Hungary (Vasmalom) Gaspar Lawal (Ghana)

New Age: Deva Premal & Miten, Sudha, Krishna Das, Craig Pruess, Bliss, Maneesh de Moor, Prem Joshua, Chinmaya Dunster

Brazil: Paulo Moura, Marlui Miranda, Armando Marcal, Dom Um Romao, Robertinho Silva

RAVI has also worked on various projects with legendary record producer John Leckie

Concert reviews:
“The term ‘world music’ was invented for nights like this. Ravi’s virtuoso kora playing and Marlui Miranda’s passionate interpretation of Brazilian Indian music.” The Independent

“In the hands of RAVI, the kora, as well as being gentle and hypnotic, can producepower chords with the best of them. The effect is exciting.”
Glasgow Herald

“British-born kora player Ravi, flanked by tablas, Indian flute, saxophone and guitar, delighted with his multi-ethnic aural tapestries”
The Scotsman

CD Reviews:
“Here Miranda teams up with kora player Ravi to produce a series of haunting, trance-inducing tapestries of repeated harmony and delicate melody which is as lulling as a warm tropical sea and as rich and satisfying as the best from the ECM catalogue. Extraordinary”


“An equally atmospheric, gentle and spellbinding blend”

“A listening delight”
Rock n Reel

“A graceful flow”
Dirty Linen

“Hypnotically surreal pillow of sound”
The Insight

“Highly recommended”
Classical Guitar Magazine