The Afro-Brazilian Project


This is approximately ninety percent highly listenable. A seamless interweaving of the African texture of the lead instrument within a dynamic Brazilian milieu. It’s true that there are several quiet, contemplative moments, particularly in the four-part suite “Amazon Journey”, but most of the rest involves complex rhythms that range from gently lilting to furiously driving. Whatever their position along that continuum, the percussion arrangements remain compelling. Entertaining stuff!   BOOTBOX 
With Brazilian influenced club music currently en vogue its nice to catch up with someone specialising in more Amazonian sounds. This collection is the result of multi-instumentalist Ravi’s time in Rio de Janeiro recording with local musicians.
His dedication to authenticity is apparent in both the honest reflective music and the fascinating travelogue contained in the sleeve notes. Its slightly melancholy edge marks it out as a welcome change from the usual full on drums fests masquerading as Brazilian music   WAVE MAGAZINE