“The best kora-meets-Brazilian collaboration you’ll ever hear.

This must be the only fusion of Brazilian indigenous and West African kora music ever to have been reviewed in Songlines. Those who have explored the far corners of the Brazilian catalogue, out beyond Egberto Gismonti and Nana Vasconcelos, may have come across Marlui Miranda.

For the past few decades – in between playing with Gilberto Gil and Rodolfer Streter – she has been wandering through central Brazil and the Amazon like a latter-day latin Vaughan Williams.
Collecting indigenous songs, arranging them and recording them, often with tribal people themselves. Her “Ihu – Todos os sons” is a masterpiece. And were it not for her work, few would realise that Brazil’s musicality is as much an indigenous trait as it is imported from Portugal and Africa.
Here Miranda teams up with Welsh-based kora (harp-lute) player Ravi, a walking testament to the success of multiculturalism, to produce a series of haunting, trance-inducing tapestries of repeated harmony and delicate melody which is as lulling as a warm tropical sea and as rich and satisfying as the best from the ECM catalogue. Extraordinary.” SONGLINES MAGAZINE